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Successfully start up or expand your business in the USA

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Thales CEO

" Vanina, Todd and I wanted to thank you for the time you have given us this month. We found the information you gave was really helpful and will no doubt be even more beneficial when we are finally settled in Paris. Again, thank you for the in-depth cultural training you provided Todd and me."


" Dear,

Regarding yesterday's meeting at the consulate: the appointment has been a bit longer than expected, but they finally told us that everything was okay for 5 years.

Many thanks!

I will call you just to thank you!"

ABK- Group


We want to thank you for your conduct and utmost cooperation during the process of buying back the domain, Cordially"

Triade Industries

"Thank-you so much for everything!"


"The license was signed yesterday, and I wanted to thank you for your efficiency and availability.

Michael was very professional. We have nothing but praise.

You have a good team."



" Good evening,

I will take care of your wish. Aqua Wellness World will be your exclusive supplier.

I know now that you are in good hands with Vanina, she knows the folder because she did it herself before.

I will continue to allow your progress with Vanina on the folder, because, for my part, I will intervene later on the project."

Spirit Of Provence 

"Thank you very very very much for your support which is invaluable at all levels !!!!"

The Deli Fort Myers

"Here it is, the meeting at the embassy went very well and we have our E2 visa !!! The entire family thanks you for your help and cooperation in obtaining this visa !!!

We now must obtain the work permit for my husband.

Good day, 

You will hear from us soon. 

Natasha, St├ęphane and children.

Syravie, LLC

"Hi Vanina,

I am extremely glad that we went with you for this project. As I said on the phone, as we continue developing our activity in the USA, I know you are the person who can really help us. The advice you gave us is much appreciated"

Le Gand Bakery, LLC

" Hi Vanina,

I want to thank you for your speed in getting back to us we were impressed. Once more, thank you for everything because here it's hard to find such amazing support"

Your French Gift, LLC

" Dear Vanina,

My first email is for you and your team to announce that the visa is granted. I know that without your support and work, it would be impossible. The word "thanks" is too weak to state my gratitude. Thanks to you, my dream is coming true. After several waiting hours, the appointment went with a polite agent who took a lot of notes about my answers in his computer. I followed your recommendations."

A New Classy Place

"Yes, we are happy, thank you.

Now we will start preparing the animals to Florida. The last climb before the big adventure.

Thank you again for your work."


"Hello Vanina

Signing day went well, we got to the city hall and count our business licenses, everything is fast, the contrast is quite striking compared to what we know.

I sign this morning for various insurance, we made changes (water, electricity .......) and today check on inventory.

Now we apply more than to BP."


Salon Hair Design, Texas

"Thank you for your dedication because you did a lot for us. We really appreciate your services and will definitely recommend you to others."

-Olivier C (hairdresser, Texas)

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