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Intercultural Training

What is it?

An intercultural training is a training which form entrepreneurs, CEO’s, engineers, managers to the differences which could exist between the culture of two countries, two parts of the world, differences both professional and personal. Major companies are used to do this intercultural training when they plan to send their managers in another country. That’s an efficient way to ensure a more flexible transition for the manager and his family. Each country has it rules and it usages. To avoid multiply stumbles in the everyday life or with colleagues, and to facilitate its integration, an intercultural training can be paramount. We believe we know the customs and traditions you seek. To know a country well can take many years. An intercultural training, if done well, will give a condensed training accomplished in several hour instead of years, leaving with you the ability to manage your business and personal relationships with the targeted country. Ultimately, this is time saved and on your way to success.


Because the each culture is very different and French and American cultures are no exception, moreover in the business world. It is essential to know the cultural environment of the country before exporting goods. For example, the French like to maintain some form of "grey zone" and do not believe that it is right to use always the same and only way to do the same things; organizational charts and objectives are not always clear.


It is advised to inform every person who will be in a business relationship with a French company, especially your sales team to have a better knowledge of the French business market as well as their traditions and culture. This will ensure a platform in which to build a rapport with their colleagues and managers.


To be an intercultural trainer cannot be improvised. Choose a consultant who really lives in the targeted country for several years. They will be more up to answer your questions and to lead you in the approach of the new country.

At USAFRANCE, LLC, we can claim to have a binational and bicultural team. That’s a guarantee of knowhow and quality.

Our Program?

Our programs focus on building the Skills & Strategies that employees and their families need for a successful assignment and work with them to:

  • Discover their cultural values
  • Focus on the dynamics of intercultural communication
  • Identify strategies for bridging cultural differences
  • Begin to be able to switch between perspectives
  • Build a strong foundation for successful cultural adaptation and effective job performance

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