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Successfully start up or expand your business in the USA

Start your franchise in the USA

20 questions that you must ask yourself

The USA is known as the country with the most franchises in the world.  There are some famous names which come to mind such as; Subway, McDonald's and KFC. It is important to know that most of the franchises are restaurants or fast-food chains. However, specialised franchises in other sectors have a quick growth rate such as Stratus Building Solution, Anytime Fitness, Cruise One and BrightStar Care.


As a European businessman or businesswoman, it is easy to think that the market is saturated. This is not true. Consumers are always looking for new interesting concepts. France is known for its creativity in several sectors such as cosmetics, restaurants and more. If you are willing to launch your idea, there are some questions that you MUST have an answer to:


Do you have a trademark in the USA, copyrights?

Do you have a business plan for the US market?

What will your financial investment be?

How would you hire employees?

What will you require in royalties?

Do you have a marketing budget? Is it going to be financed by your franchised?

Are you going to advertise your product?

Do you have knowledge of accountants operations, and technical know-how?

Did you translate your commercial documents?

Do you have a DIP?

What's your general development strategy?

What adaptations will you carry out for the American market?

Did you start up your company?

Are you under any judicial inquiries?

Did you face any bankruptcy issues in the past?

What is the experience of the directors in France or in the US?

What is your target market?

Do you have any sales forecasts for your potential start up?

Would you be restricted by the government to sell any of your products or services?


With our partners, French-American lawyers specialized in franchising, immigration, trademarks, certified pubic accountants, Start Up In USA will assist during steps such as:

  • Market studies
  • Business plans
  • Protection of your products/services
  • Franchise agreements
  • Search for office space
  • Acquisition of your visa
  • Search for partners
  • Your business material translations


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