Starting Up In USA

Successfully start up or expand your business in the USA

Would you like to move to the United States ?


10 Questions that you must ask yourself ...


Have an experienced French-American team guide your business to a successful start-up in the USA.

  1. Which visa do I need and how do I get it?
  2. How do I get my project approved and how do I get my investor visa with my business plan?
  3. How will the US tax system affect me?
  4. Where can I find jobs and how can I set up my company (formalities, how to hire people, etc ...)?
  5. Which health insurance should I get?
  6. How do I find accommodation? Is it better to buy or rent an accommodation?
  7. How do I find a school or a child-care center for my children?
  8. How do I network with professionals?
  9. How do I move out?
  10.  How do I learn English?
  11.  Where can I get good translation services?

This website contains a guide on starting up in the USA which will answer some of your questions:


Take a look at our resources page on starting up in the USA for many useful links ...

Would you like to export?

  1. How do I define my market and my competitors?
  2. What is my product's value potential  the US market?
  3. Which price policy?
  4. Which regulations will affect me?
  5. Which customs tarrifs are practical?
  6. How to start up my company at a low cost?
  7. How do I select the right partners and distributors?
  8. How do I select the correct distribution methods?
  9. How do I make sure that my products meet the required standards and how do I validate my marketing documentation?
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