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5 Points For Undertaking USA

Posted by USAFRANCE, LLC on January 13, 2015 at 1:15 AM

The United States is the country of entrepreneurship. Undertaking the US does remains a challenge for those who want an accomplishment for both personal and professional. Before embarking on the adventure, it is very important to be well prepared. Here are some things to see before you start:


1. Define your project

Once your project, your budget, and your location is certain, it will be possible to search Trade Commercial for resume. At the same time, USAFRANCE, Dba ReussirUSA, assist you in registering your company, writing your business plan, essential document to be presented to the Immigration and shall at minimum include:

- Your "executive summary"

- A recruitment plan over 5 years

- A financial plan over 5 years

- A marketing plan

2. Without visa not work: the investor visa


An investor visa allows a foreign entrepreneur to be admitted into the United States to live and work there with his family. The investor should invest in the United States:


1) Creating a new business.

2) By purchasing an existing business.

3) By partnering - with a capital contribution and share ownership of more than 50% - with an existing US company.

The investment must be "substantial". But there is no legal minimum.

The investment must in fact correspond to what would be required for the purchase of the Company at fair market price. The last turnover of the three years of the acquired company will be claimed.

An important point: The investment must be already achieved. Consulate refuse to grant a visa to an investor who list the expenses necessary to carry out a project but has not yet invested. It should list all the expenses with supporting rationale.

The business plan is the centerpiece of the record.

3. Other key documents

You have created or acquired a business

Now we have to manage it. A first step is to validate the necessary assurances:

 Worker's compensation

 General Liability ....

For more information about business rules see our blog


4. Or settle

This depends on the type of business you want to establish your marketing and policy. But know that in the US, the legal framework of the company differs from one state to another. So remember to ask about taxes in force in different states before making your final choice.





5. Keys for a successful presence in the United States

The US still in the French imagination, an image of paradise businesses, dreams and unique development opportunities. But is this realistic and verifiable? What are the keys to a successful implementation in the USA?

Here is training in minutes


- The Entrepreneur portrait establishing itself in the USA

- Misconceptions about the USA to fight

- The main mistakes not to make for a successful introduction in the USA

- The preparation process of implantation in the USA

- Possible visas to implement the US

- The reasons for visa refusal

- The legal and administrative peculiarities in the USA

- Additional efforts to move his family to the USA



If you would like more information, you can reach us by mail, telephone, on our web site or on social networks.


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